Caroline stewart
A leap of faith for Lesley
The star of the show once again, Caroline Stewart! Is there no end to this girls talents? Or should I rephrase that? Is there no end to this girls madness? After the highly successful Goathland Formby day yesterday, you would have thought that the organiser (Caroline) would have wanted to just perhaps retire to the pub with a few friends and bask in the glory of another job well done. But not this girl, this girl will surely retire to the pub with friends, but first she decided to dive off the Teeside Transporter Bridge! Once again, Caroline was exercising her many talents to raise monies for the charity she is supporting with her dear friend Lesley Fowkes. Caroline has raised (at the time of writing) almost £4,000 on her Just Giving web page and obviously many people will donate personally without using the internet. I have to say that many worthy charity fund raisers are happy to perhaps bake some cakes or even organise a George Formby concert to raise cash. Caroline though just has to go the extra (very big) step and take her life in her hands! I have seen the bridge on a previous occasion when visiting Caroline and you can see it from quite some distance away as you journey to Middlesbrough, it is quite a landmark. For me, the fact that she was attached to a bungee rope does not really come in to the equation! I actually think she would have been better to just dive off the bridge and enter the waters of the River Tees. After all, Tarzan did just that in so many of his Hollywood blockbusters! It is when you study the video of Caroline’s death defying leap that you realise that is isn’t the jumping off that should scare you, it is when the bungee rope reaches its fullest extent and then decides to yank you back up again. And this it does, almost restoring you to the position that you left approximately 3 to 4 seconds earlier. The shock to one’s system when you start the journey back up again must be something that your whole bodily system has never experienced before - it just cannot be good for your heath! But God bless Caroline for being the wholesome enthusiast that she is, she also has the powers of persuasion because she persuaded three friends to take the dive as well and whilst I love the girl to bits and she is definitely one of my dearest mates, there is no way that I could follow her up all those steps to take the dive, no way! The three friends are Kate Lewis, Nicola Hopper and the very stylish Leigh Hyde who decided to dive dressed as a duck! Heroes all I say. A good crowd of supporters turn up to play ukuleles and sing George Formby songs and dear Lesley Fowkes was sat in her wheelchair supporting Caroline and being interviewed by the TV news people who also turned up. What a finish to a fantastic weekend, I cannot wait for Caroline’s next stunt, watch this space!