Gibson 'Concert' Ukulele Banjo

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This Gibson ‘Concert’UB4 was used by George Formby in his last television show, ‘The Friday Show’ (1960). On the vellum is written ‘low lampost’ and meant that this instrument was tuned in Db / Ab.
This instrument was bought. at the 1961 Auction by Bill Logan who sold it to a GFS London and Southern Counties Branch member.
Made of burl walnut with a highly polished durable finish. Nickel plated, ovaled flanged resonator with an eight inch walnut rim and sixteen tension rods. A rosewood fingerboard bound with white ivoroid having fifteen nickel silver frets and inlaid with white dots.
Made by Gibson after 1930 when they omitted ‘The’ from ‘The Gibson’ on the peghead to just 'Gibson'.

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