Dallas – Special Model ‘E’

Top of the range of George Formby instruments made by John E. Dallas and Sons Ltd. being gold plated and having an inlaid pearl nameplate in the peg head. Has a walnut neck, walnut veneered maple body and resonator with edges bound in ebony cellulose, highly polished finish. Ebony fingerboard with ornamental mother of pearl position marks. Special internal geared pegs, 8 inch flush rim, extra heavy straining bezel, 12 sunk pull down tension rods, metal tone ring and tone plate. It is marked with the number E 1169. Complete with original case.

Originally owned by George Formby, this instrument was purchased at the 1961 auction by George's brother, Frank Formby. Later sold to Bill Logan, it was eventually bought by George Harrison MBE.

When Frank Formby’s son, Jeffrey, joined the Society, he asked George to give him first option if he decided to sell it. "If you want it back in the family, you can have it' was his reply. Jeffrey Booth became the new owner although he has since sold it to another new owner.

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