The Classic Ludwig

A beautiful instrument, this is the nickel plated standard Ludwig Banjo-Uke. Originally selling in the USA for $37.50 with an extra $10 for the case, this instrument has become the one that we would all love to own.
Identical to the one owned and played by George Formby.

The instrument specifications are as follows :-
Ludwig nickel plated bronze metal shell. The Flaredge is integral with the shell and extends to the resonator having 15 pairs of ‘crown’ cut-outs. Self centring nickel plated bronze counter hoop .
Sixteen nickel plated top tension brackets , special analysis steel, heat treated.
Ebony fingerboard with pearl inlaid position figures. Sixteen nickel silver, professional banjo frets.
Laminated American Walnut resonator hand rubbed and hand polished, ornamented with decorative genuine wood inlay in colours.
Special Ludwig tailpiece. Ebony peghead with Ludwig trade mark design.
Special Ludwig selected, genuine white calf banjo uke head of finest quality.
Best professional quality strings.
Equipped with Ludwig ‘Planet’ 4:1 banjo tuning pegs.
Nickel plated detachable arm rest.
All wood parts hand rubbed and hand polished.

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The Ludwig ID plate fitted inside every Ludwig Case

A beautiful inlay
A beautiful marquetry inlay

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