The Gibson Ukulele Banjo

'The Gibson Ukulele Banjo is endowed with the same high standards of quality made famous by the Gibson 'Mastertone' instruments and is offered in a range of models and prices to suit your pocket.
Power and beauty of tone - accuracy- and dependability almost unbelievable in such an instrument'.

So said the catalogue of the pre-thirties and it is still true today although the prices have escalated a little!

Gibson made five styles of Ukulele Banjo :-

Style UB-1 More of a fun instrument with only a six inch                   rim but packing a powerful punch for a small instrument.

Style UB-2 and STYLE UB-2 De Luxe Generally finished in a light (or dark mahogany)  - an excellent instrument powerful and pleasing  - often called the 'Baby' Gibson.

Style UB-3 Some confusion here - See page from catalogue  below, the instrument has a flat back but on the right the UB-3 shown has a flange resonator  fitted.

Style UB-4  Again below is when the UB-4 had just been released

Style UB-5 The gold plated version of the UB-4 - only $55 in               1930 - now valued at $5000 - wow!!

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Gibson UB 1 Ukulele Banjo Gibson UB 3 Ukulele Banjo
Gibson UB 2 Ukulele Banjo Gibson UB 4 Ukulele Banjo
Gibson UB2 De Luxe Ukulele Banjo Gibson UB 5 Ukulele Banjo
The Gibson 'Trap Door' Banjo Ukulele   

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