The Gibson UB-2 De-Luxe Ukulele Banjo

This de luxe model UB 2 is in immaculate condition. In comparison with the standard UB 2 it has a far better finish as well as finer decoration on the fingerboard with beautiful mother of pearl inlays. This instrument is post 1930 because the word 'The' has been omitted from the peghead trademark.

These splendid photographs were sent in by Markus Berg in Sweden who is the owner of this fine instrument.

072_Gibson_UB2_DL.jpg (23312 bytes)

078_Gibson_UB2_DL.jpg (27661 bytes)

073_Gibson_UB2_DL.jpg (26992 bytes)
075_Gibson_UB2_DL.jpg (26170 bytes)

077_Gibson_UB2_DL.jpg (22858 bytes)

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