The Abbott 'Monarch' Banjo Ukulele

The Abbott ‘Monarch’ Banjo Ukulele was designed and manufactured by John G. Abbott Sr. in the 1930’s. He made an almost identical instrument as this one for George Formby which he can be seen playing in several of his films, as previously described.
Jack, as he was known, was a maker of Banjos and Guitars from about 1890, selling instruments under his own name. In 1901 he joined Barnes and Mullins in Harrow. In 1905, he left B&M to form his own company with the title of JGAbbott and Co. in a factory at 97/99, Hampstead Road, London. In 1928 the workshop transferred to 44, Chalton Street, Euston Road and four years later his works were transferred to Bessons Co. of which he owned part, at Stanhope Place, Marble Arch, London, mainly producing ‘Aristone’ guitars generally for professional musicians.
In 1936, he suffered from serious internal problems, from which he never recovered and died on 11th February l938.
However, he left a wonderful legacy in the Abbott ‘Monarch’ Banjo Ukulele. Almost all of the instrument makers since, have attempted to copy in some form that wonderful prototype instrument, including his own son, Jack Abbott Jr.
This instrument is very plain, with very little decoration but is a lightweight powerful instrument.

Current Value ? EXPENSIVE !!

The Abbott Snr. Banjo Ukulele
The Abbott 'Monarch' (2) 
The Abbott Jr. Banjo Ukulele
The Abbott Banjo Ukulele(1)
The Abbott Banjo Ukulele (2)
The Abbott Banjo Ukulele (3)
The Abbott Banjo Ukulele (4)

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