The Abbott 'Monarch' Banjo Ukulele

This instrument, a ‘Monarch’, was made by Jack Abbott Sr. in 1929. Once again, a very plain instrument but very lightweight with a lovely tone. This has crown cutouts instead of just plain slots.
It was owned for many years by Robbie Vincent (Enoch) and then Harry Korris. This particular instrument can be seen being played by Frank Randle in one of his wartime films.
When Harry Korris was dying, he was visited by one of his friends, Harold Fallows, who was asked by Korris if he would like to purchase it. He did buy it, but he didn’t want it for himself. Instead, he offered it to Jack Jones (Honorary Member of the GFS) because he wanted it to go to someone who would look after it. He paid around 180 for it.

Many years later, Jack’s house was burgled and this Banjo Ukulele was stolen. Several months later, it turned up at one of the Blackpool meetings. It had been purchased in a second hand shop by one of our members, Joe Tafe, who obviously thought that he had bought an absolute bargain However, Jack recognised it straight away as his property and was even able to quote the number stamped on it. Joe insisted that Jack take it back, but that left him 300 out of pocket. So Jack gave him 100 and the other 200 was collected from the members, who all contributed a few pounds each to make up the difference.

Turned out nice again, didn’t it.

Don’t ask the price, he’ll not sell it !!

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