The Abbott Banjo Ukulele

Made by Jack Abbott Jr. who learned the craft of instrument making in his fathers workshop. When his father joined Besson Co., he established his own one room workshop at several addresses in the London area, mainly manufacturing high quality guitars. He is credited with produced the first 'electric' guitar.

He also made a few banjos which were branded ‘Abbott Victor’.

He gave up business in 1957, but came out of retirement in 1970 and made approximately 200 Banjo Ukuleles for 'The George Formby Society’ members. He retired again in 1978.

Sadly, Jack died in February 1994.

His instruments were based on his fathers ‘Monarch’ Banjo Ukulele, although they were much better made and more elaborate and decorative.

This instrument has a top tensioned scalloped bezel, a rosewood fingerboard ornately inlaid with mother of pearl and sixteen frets. The resonator is beautifully inlaid with coloured woods in a unique design.

A solid instrument with lots of volume and tone quality.

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