Markendale 'Silhouette' Banjo Ukulele

The design of the Markendale 'Silhouette' was based on the pre war Abbott 'Monarch'.

Of maple construction, it has an ebony fingerboard. All metal parts are heavily nickel plated. The instrument has a beautiful lacquered finish.

It was made in 1993 and bears Serial Number S09 - 93 - 012. The original purchase price was 350.

All Markendale Banjo Ukuleles are issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This particular instrument was originally purchased and is still owned by the Webauthor of this site, Dennis Taylor, President of 'The George Formby Society'.

It has a powerful, bright tone and complements his Ludwig B/U for songs in lower keys, being tuned in GCEA.

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