The 'Melody' Banjo Ukulele

The instrument has a small logo in gold lettering at the top on the neck, a LIONS HEAD and the words BRITISH MADE. It has a metal name plate which says MELODY-UKE. 
It was made by George Houghton and Sons (Birmingham, England). 
Houghton's maintained a stock catalogue of instruments (usually marked with a gold-embossed lion with the initials G. H. & S. underneath) with which many retailers and most of the wholesale houses made up their own catalogues.
It has an eight and a 1/4 inch diameter drum with a steel tone ring under the skin which raises the centre. It has eight tensioner screws around the drum and has a closed back which measures ten and 1/2 inches across.

Another excellent instrument to suit the beginner.

Thanks to Rickio Woods, Seattle USA for the photographs
Also to Jono Nuttall (NZ) and Percy Copley for information

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