Let me introduce myself ..........

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the world of the Banjo Ukulele.

I was first introduced to the Banjo Ukulele in 1980 when I was invited to a George Formby Society Convention in Blackpool, a seaside resort on the west coast of England.

My first B/Uke was an un-named instrument costing only 15. I soon wanted to upgrade and progressed to a Dallas ‘C’ which I kept for a number of years.

I now own a beautiful custom made Ludwig c.1930 and a Markendale ‘Silhouette’ made in 1994.

I eventually became President of the George Formby Society in 1992 and have been re-elected each year since then. More information can be found on George Formby and the Society on the links and you will also be able to hear him singing and playing in his own unique style.

As far as I know there are no other sites totally dedicated to the Banjo Ukulele and hope that you will enjoy browsing through all these lovely instruments.

If you have an instrument which you would like me to feature send me a good quality photograph.

Best Wishes

Dennis Taylor

Dennis playing the Ludwig

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