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I searched for the GFS for years before stumbling across it in 1991. In those days you found it if you was lucky. Today with the internet things are much easier and it must be said that 90% of new members join via the 'net'.

Why should you join when you can read all about George Formby on the web site?

First of all, joining the GFS means that you are supporting the only official George Formby organisation which has been in existence since September 1961, formed just 6 months after the death of George.

Joining the GFS allows members free access to all the four quarterly conventions which are held in the famous Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Some of our overseas potential members might think that this is exclusively for UK based members but believe me when I say that there isn't a convention goes by without overseas members travel from all over the world to be with us in Blackpool.

But if traveling to the Fylde Coast is out of the question for you, then you will still receive our 32-page magazine, "The Vellum" which is published 4 times a year. When I joined the GFS the Vellum was a B/W photocopied journal, and that was a luxury at the side of some of the earlier issues! Today our magazine is a glossy colour publication which would look well in any book/magazine shop - it would if you could buy it there! But you can't, joining the GFS is the only way to receive the magazine that each quarter will report on the world of George Formby, publishing each quarter, interesting photographs and articles as well as the chord windows and lyrics of one of George's songs.