Please take time to look around at all the different aspects of the Society - you may become interested enough to join. You will even find an application form available for your use. The official website was launched in May 1997 and since then we have recruited over 40% of our new members via the Internet, not only from the UK but from around the world. It never surprises me now when I see another new member listed in our data files who has found us and joined the Society in this way.

I suppose George Formby would be absolutely amazed to know that his name was being beamed around the World again and I am sure that his wife, Beryl who was responsible for George's success would be even more amazed.

Currently we have approximately 1,000 members, have four conventions a year in the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. We have 13 branches of the Society in the UK and branches in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. We are a truly international Society with members in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and most of the European countries.

This is my tenth year of office as President of the George Formby Society and I am supported by a strong Executive Committee who are determined to carry out the main objective of the Society into the next Century.

That is :- ‘To preserve and perpetuate the Music and Memory of that great entertainer, George Formby OBE’
Dennis Taylor

Join The Society

Many people search for years without ever finding this unique Society. If you're reading this page then you're almost there! Contact Peter Pollard to get all the information you need - you can also go to the Application form page, print it and join straight away - do it now!

The subscription for the year is 12 for single members and 6 for each Nominated Family Member.
For overseas members there is an additional charge if they wish to receive the Society's magazine by airmail. The charge is 8.00.

If you cannot print the form you can email Peter Pollard from any of these pages to obtain the necessary application form.
Once you have received or printed the form, you should make your cheque payable to "The George Formby Society".
Overseas members should contact their bank to obtain a banker's draft in English pounds sterling, made payable to "The George Formby Society".

The application form is available here

President of the Society - Dennis Taylor.
George & Beryl entertain the troops.