If you are interested in joining the George Formby Society, this page will give you some assistance and then you can print the application form here.

The George Formby Society has members all over around Great Britain as well as many other countries including Canada, USA, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand.

Here you can find some of the most important items of information about our Society.

All membership subscriptions are payable from the 1st September each year.
(Renewal forms are issued with the June Vellum inviting payment to be made after July 1st)
If you have joined part way through the year then you won't lose out because you will receive the back issues of the "Vellum" magazine already issued in that year.
Membership comes in 2 categories. SINGLE MEMBER at £15 per year (£16 via PayPal)
(£20 in Europe (£21 via PayPal) - £25 for the rest of the world (£26 via PayPal)

Please note, if you wish to purchase shop items then click on the PayPal link at the bottom of this page and use the same service as subscribers, if you purchase items, please email me
Anyone using PayPal to join the Society need not trouble to complete this form, just email me your details. 


Nominated Family Members are any member of the family legally related to a Full Member and includes ‘in laws’, ‘common law partners’ and families who do not necessarily reside at the same address or have the same surname.

2) Your Membership gives you free entry to all weekend Conventions and quarterly copies of the ‘VELLUM’ (The Society magazine). Nominated Family Members do not receive a Society magazine.

3) FOUR weekend CONVENTIONS are held in the WINTER GARDENS, BLACKPOOL, from 12 noon on Saturday until midnight on Sunday. Members make their own accommodation arrangements, usually at nearby hotels which offer reasonable, clean rooms and good food. Recommended hotels are listed with at least one issue per year of the ‘Vellum’ magazine.

4) Conventions involve displays of Archive material, feature films, film shorts, documentaries, competitions and concerts. Free tuition on how to play the Banjo Ukulele is given and instruments, chorded music, backing tapes, video tapes, audio tapes and C.D.’s are generally on sale in the ‘Society Shop’.

5) In September each year, an Annual General meeting is held to elect an Executive Committee and Officers to serve for one year. Every subscribing Member and Nominated Family Member are entitled to vote.

6) Because of increasing membership, several popular Branch meetings are held one evening per month in different towns. A list of these branches is published in the ‘Vellum’.

7) The ability to play the ukulele is of no importance to prospective members, although if you feel that you would like to play, you will be encouraged to do so, but there will be no pressure whatsoever. There is, in fact, a Beginners concert held in another room for our learner players, to help them build confidence and a little stage technique.

I hope this information has been of interest to you. If you wish to join the George Formby Society please print and send your completed Application Form together with the appropriate fee.
(Cheques made payable to ‘The George Formby Society’) to
Peter Pollard, 42 Ullswater Avenue, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England WF12 7PW

Please don't forget PayPal rates!

If you wish to use PayPal for either joining or renewing membership, then the rates are:
Single Member £16 - £21 in Europe - £26 for the rest of the world