Gill's Chester GFS Images

IMG 8316  Greg, Cathy and Sonja. IMG 8317-2  Phill Hughes IMG 8318  A section of 'The Thrash' - Daz Barry, Alan Kershaw, Debbie Lee, Peter Pollard and Dale Norman. IMG 8319  John Walley
IMG 8320  A section of the audience. IMG 8321  The 'Thrash' IMG 8325  The audience IMG 8328  Greg Simister
IMG 8329  John Walley IMG 8337copy  Lewis Clifton IMG 8355  Dale Norman IMG 8359  John Croft
IMG 8368  Caroline Stewart IMG 8370  Paul Culkin IMG 8374  Peter Pollard IMG 8377  Peter and Caroline
IMG 8379  Daz Barry IMG 8381  Kevin Staniland IMG 8389  Derek Herbert IMG 8395  Francesca Davies
IMG 8397  Francesca and Catalina Davies IMG 8399  Francesca Davies IMG 8400  Catalina Davies IMG 8403  Gerald Jones
IMG 8406  The Bitter Jug Stompers IMG 8410  Mervyn Kay IMG 8417  Paul Kenny IMG 8422  Stan Watkinson
IMG 8436  Alan Newton IMG 8439  Jon Baddeley IMG 8444  Lewis Clifton, Greg Simister and John Walley lead the 'Thrash' IMG 8446  A section of 'The Thrash'
IMG 8447  A section of 'The Thrash' IMG 8449  End of the evening, the final 'THrash' IMG 8452  A section of 'The Thrash' IMG 8453  A section of 'The Thrash'
IMG 8456  Cathy looks pleased - it must have all worked out!