Stars In Their Eyes - Kids

It is only a around twelve months ago that young Christopher Napier walked in to the Winter Gardens at Blackpool at the March 2005 convention and asked me if he could become a member of the George Formby Society. He was accompanied by his parents but he was the one who approached the desk and it was obvious that he was a Formby fan even then as he was wearing a George Formby tie.

Later that afternoon he took to the stage for the first time and brought the house down. The audience was ecstatic and Chris was asked to perform a third song, a privilege rarely requested and the performer has to be very special to warrant this.

Since that day he has seen his name in lights as he entered the "Stars In Their Eyes - Kids" ITV national TV show and eventually went the whole way and won the contest. In the first show Chris wasn’t the winner after the audience vote but he was invited back to the winner’s final after a national telephone vote.

In the final he performed his favourite “With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock” and once again the nation responded by voting him the winner of the contest.

Chris perform and talked without any show of nerves and the nice thing to me was that he didn’t try to be something that he wasn’t, he was just himself and he let his genuine love of George Formby show through, this coupled with his lovely personality won the hearts of the TV nation.

Chris was also featured on the GMTV show on the Tuesday morning after the win and once again, by just being himself he won over not only the watching public, but also the presenters of the show.

Chris can feel proud that he is responsible not only for doing a grand job in winning the event, he has also put the name of George Formby back in lights on national television, an event that hasn’t happened in many a long year.

Well done Chris, a brilliant job!

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