Sad News - Jan/Feb 2014 - Two notable members pass away

Stan Evans

Stan Evans was an iconic figure in the Society in the late 80s and 1990s and did much to convert The Vellum magazine into a very readable presentation. This is not to criticise the efforts of any previous editor or worker on the Society’s magazine, but Stan recognized and adopted more modern technologies to create the first major changes in The Vellum since it was first published in 1961. Stan joined the Society in 1986 and took over the editors job two year later in 1988.
Stan also ran the Warrington branch of the GFS at The Patton Arms in Warrington and this was always a popular meeting with some really good players and an always enthusiastic audience.
Stan was also heavily involved in presenting the 1991 George Formby 30th Anniversary Exhibition which ran for about three months in Warrington and achieved visiting attendances over the period of around 35,000 people. The GFS membership doubled at this time as the Warrington Exhibition created the gateway for many Formby fans (myself included) to join the Society.
After Stan retired from Vellum editorship in 1994 he continued to promote his own North West Newsletter which ran for a few years and was well received by GF fans in the North.
Stan spent the last years of his life in a nursing home but never lost his interest in George Formby and was always happy to watch the convention DVDs which GFS member Pat Ralston made sure he received.
On behalf of all GFS members I extend sincere condolences to Stan's family.


Stan introduces Ella Formby at a Patton Arms meeting in 1992

"Tetley" Dave Parker

"Tetley" Dave was a legendary figure in West Yorkshire and particularly in the Castleford area where he and his wife Margaret ran the Shoulder of Mutton pub and where for many years the Castleford branch of The GFS has flourished.

Dave was a real character in a world were characters are few and far between. He loved his pub and the fact that he had created the Castleford branch and in its own unique way, the branch is one of the best nights in the Formby calender. Dave helped to create a unique atmosphere at all the Castleford meetings and he will be sadly missed. Whenever "Out In The Middle East" was played Dave would make the fastest costume change imaginable to emerge before the end of the first verse in Middle Eastern costume. He loved to play the bones and the spoons and although the meetings will definitely continue at this flourishing venue, Dave will be very much missed. Dave joined the GFS in 1997 and was also a member of the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle.

On behalf of all those who attend the Castleford branch both now and in the past, I would like to extend sincere condolences to Margaret and the family.

Dave & Margaret behind the bar of The Shoulder of Mutton
Dave checks the beer
Tetley Dave samples the beer!