Frank Skinner On George Formby


Finally the long wait is over and the much-anticipated George Formby/Frank Skinner feature is to be screened on BBC 4 on Thursday October 27th at 21:00.

Filmed in March 2010 in various locations including the GFS convention in the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, Frank Skinner looks at the world of George Formby and comes up with a top quality programme which will entertain and interest even non-Formby fans. Daniel Wiles who produced numerous South Bank Show’s including the classic 1991 episode on George Formby, takes a fresh look at our hero with the help of Frank Skinner and many of the George Formby Society members. Frank came to Blackpool and spent the whole weekend at the March 2010 convention and completely endeared himself to all, in fact the whole TV crew enjoyed their stay with us and this program has been long awaited by all.

Don't miss this! Frank Skinner does a brilliant job of telling the Formby story and gives the already highly popular ukulele another great boost.

Thursday 27th October 2011 - 21:00 (9:00 pm) on BBC 4