Feather Your Nest - Official DVD Release


Big news for all lovers of George Formby films is that on August 25th 2014, the final piece of the Formby film jigsaw will be put in place. I refer to the one film that has never before being released on video or DVD and has never had a showing on television.

Feather Your Nest

Feather Your Nest is the film in question and whilst we do have a copy of this film in our DVD archive, it is of very inferior quality. So with this latest release, all the Formby films will now be available on DVD.

Unseen since its original theatrical release

Unseen since its original theatrical release, it stars George as a gramophone record factory worker and includes three songs, When We Feather Our Nest,
I'm As Happy As A Sandboy and Leaning On A Lampost.

Clean Quality

I have looked at a clip of the Leaning On A Lampost song from the film and the quality looks very clean. Network is the company behind the release and the film will be part of a four-film double-DVD, which is part of “The British Film Collection” series

The DVDs are available as part of Network's Ealing Studios Rarities Collection Volume 14

Available Now

The DVDs available in the GFS shop

DVD Review

Having progressed in the early 1990's from watching very inferior copies of video tapes to having all but one of the Formby films on DVD, it is a real treat to see the final piece in the jigsaw i.e. "Feather Your Nest" now sitting in its rightful place alongside all the other DVD releases. "Feather Your Nest" is a delight, I never thought it would be released in the digital format but Network are to thank for this totally unexpected treat.

The first thing you would want with a DVD is that the picture quality should be good - and yes, although this film was released in 1937, the quality is as good as any of the others and better than quite a lot. That might just be because I have been used to watching a 4th generation video copy for all these years - but I have to say that it is delightful to sit and watch this film - and because of the far superior quality, you start to appreciate that this is one of Formby's better films with a good story and interesting scenes throughout.

Even though I am severely hard of hearing, I could hear the dialogue without my usual headphones, albeit I was listening through a Bose mini-sound link speaker.

So in conclusion, I can confidently say that anyone purchasing this film (there are also three other British rarities in the set) will be delighted, Formby fans might never watch the other three films but the fact that you can now buy a pristine copy of "Feather Your Nest" is worth the cost of the set alone - a significant release in George Formby's DVD collection.
Peter Pollard

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screen capture
A still from the DVD