George Cheetham  

I am saddened to inform you all that our old friend George Cheetham passed away on Thursday June 2nd 2011. George was a honorary member of the GFS and had been in the Society since day one. He even attended the auction at Beryldene.

For newer members, George was our 'bones' player for many years and was always on stage to accompany the performers. Sadly he has been confined to a nursing home for quite some time and it is quite a few years since he was in Blackpool for a convention.

George was a real character and was George Formby through and through. I will try to get some photographs posted here and perhaps a video clip.

On behalf of everyone in the GFS I extend our condolences to George's family.

This is a clip that I have just found, George is playing at the Sale branch in October 1995.