The second annual one-day meeting based in Llandudno, North Wales took place on Saturday 25 April 1998 in the magnificent Wedgwood Suite of the St. George Hotel, right on the seafront.

George Formby songs were performed throughout the day and once again the members of the Society demonstrated that they are all fully familiar with words and music of the whole Formby repertoire. The meeting started at noon continued over the whole day, finally closing on the midnight hour.

The audience was kept entertained throughout the day and everybody went home extremely pleased with the event. Members travelled from far and wide to what is now acknowledged as an annual event and the meeting has rapidly gained in importance and now rivals the quarterly conventions in Blackpool.

The nicest moment of the day was when two young men received a standing ovation for the performance, their combined ages could't have been much more than 10 years and they are living proof that the Society is as healthy as ever.