Dickie Speake 'Thrash' Disc Volume 1
Uke tuned to g c e a

45 Formby backing tracks created by Dickie Speake (Inventor of the GFS 'Thrash')


Dickie was musical director for the George Formby Society for many years and played his keyboard at all the conventions in the 1990s.

Each track consists of a verse, a chorus and then the solo

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Vol 1 - C

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The Tracks on this CD are:
1. Andy The Handy Man
2. Auntie Maggies Remedy
3. Banjo Boy
4. Believe It Or Not
5. Blackpool Rock
6. Sitting On The Top Of Blackpool Tower
7. I Blew A Little Blast On My Whistle
8. Chinese Laundry Blues
9. Count Your Blessings And Smile
10. Daring Young Man
11. Fanlight Fanny
12. Frank On His Tank
13. Get Cracking
14. Grandad’s Flannelette Night Shirt
15. Happy Go Lucky Me
16. Hindoo Man
17. Hitting The High Spots Now
18. I Can Tell It By My Horoscope
19. I Couldn’t Let The Stable Down
20. I Don’t Like
21. I Wonder Who’s Under Her Balcony Now
22. The Isle Of Man
23. It’s In The Air
24. Leaning On A Lampost
25. The Lancashire Toreador
26. You Don’t Need A License For That
27. Little Ukulele
28. Madam Moscovitch
29. Mother What’ll I Do Now
30. Mr Wu’s A Window Cleaner Now
31. I Promised To By Home By Nine ‘O’ Clock
32. Our Sergeant Major
33. The Pleasure Cruise
34. Riding In The TT Races
35. I’m Saving Up For Sally
36. Share And Share Alike
37. She’s Got Two Of Everything
38. Smile All The Time
39. Somebody’s Wedding Day
40. Talking To The Moon About You
41. Thanks Mr Roosevelt
42. Why Don’t Women Like Me
43. On The Wigan Boat Express
44. The Window Cleaner
45. You Can’t Keep A Growing Lad Down


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