Dickie Speake 'Thrash' Disc Volume 2
Uke tuned to A D F# B

45 Formby backing tracks created by Dickie Speake (Inventor of the GFS 'Thrash')


Dickie was musical director for the George Formby Society for many years and played his keyboard at all the conventions in the 1990s.

Each track consists of a verse, a chorus and then the solo

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Vol 2 CGEA

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The Tracks on this CD are:
1. The Barmaid At The Rose & Crown
2. Another Good Scheme
3. Blackpool Prom
4. Bunkum’s Travelling Show
5. Bunty’s Such A Big Girl Now
6. Dan The Dairy Man
7. Dare Devil Dick
8. Hi Tiddley Hi-Ti Island
9. HMS Cowheel
10. I’m The Husband Of the Wife Of Mr Wu
11. I Could Make A Good Living At That
12. I Do Do Things I Do
13. I Went All Hot And Cold
14. I’d Like A Dream Like That
15. Keep Fit
16. Keep Your Seats Please
17. On The Left Hand Side Of Eygpt
18. The Lad From Lancashire
19. Let’s All Go To Reno
20. Levi’s Monkey Mike
21. We’ve Been A Long Time Gone
22. Low Down Lazy Turk
23. I’m Making Headway Now
24. Out In The Middle East
25. Mr Wu Is Now An Air Raid Warden
26. My Plus Fous
27. Oh Dear Mother
28. On The Beat
29. On The Other Side Of The World
30. Our Fanny’s Gone All Yankee
31. Pardon Me
32. Sally The Salvage Queen
33. Sentimental Lou
34. In My Little Snapshot Album
35. I’m Going To Stick To My Mother
36. Sunbathing In The Park
37. Swimmin With The Wimmin
38. They Can’t Fool Me
39. They Laughed When I Started To Play
40. Thirty Thirsty Sailors
41. Little Wooden Toolshed In The garden
42. Wunga Bunga Boo
43. Far Better Off In A Home



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