How To Play George Formby Ukulele Solos


Step by step instrucion
16 classic solos transcribed
Easy to understand notation
For all levels of playing ability

Sorry, this book is now sold out and out of print.


Only way to describe it. Bloody brilliant!
Terry Raper

This book on George Formby solos is a must for anyone wanting to learn from the master.
Its to the point and tells you everything you need to know, moving through levels of difficulty. Well done and thank you to Dave Partington for providing a book that was needed by many of us Formby enthusiasts
Daz Barry (GFS member)

This is an impressive piece of work, and so refreshing amidst the recent proliferation of half-baked ukulele tuition books, videos and websites that have abounded in the wake of the so-called uke ‘boom’. Dave’s book is ambitious, detailed, and intelligently written.
Should you buy it? Yes, definitely!

Andy Eastwood - Read Andy's full review here

A great book, a must for all people wanting to do a Formby solo, precise and clear and good explanations, shows what to do in each bar i.e. triple, split stroke over 16 songs, picked my copy at GFS Blackpool last week, and not put it down yet - a must have, and an ideal Christmas present!!!  A great tuition tool. Highly recommended!!!!!!
John Bullivant (GFS member)

The Dave Partington book is immense! Very informative and its all you ever wanted to know about George's uke playing. I have learned a lot.
Scott Barker (GFS member)

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