INTERNET ACCESS IS ESSENTIAL PDF book linked to 52 video files The split-stroke The Shake The Triple The Fan stroke the project is suitable for all players

unachievable dream

There have been a number of tutorials throughout the years on how to play the various George Formby right-hand techniques. Many talented people will achieve it and even develop their own style, but for some people it remains a tantalising, but unachievable dream.


Now a new project has come to light. Developed by Mike Warren, the enormously talented Sheffield based GFS member. Over the last two years Mike has written a PDF book with 52 accompanying video files which take you through all aspects of the George Formby style. The split-stroke, shake, triple and fan stroke etc. Mike starts the book by explaining how to use the simple colour-coded right-hand strumming system he has developed, and then it’s on to the lessons.


The book and all fifty two video files can be accessed by a computer, a tablet and your smart phone,. This makes it available to virtually everyone with internet access. What makes the book so good is that each solo and section of that solo are linked to a corresponding video clip which Mike plays slowly and clearly to demonstrate what he is actually doing, and how each section should sound when played. I have never seen such detailed instructions before. You are virtually sat on Mike’s knee viewing his clever techniques.


The whole system started out as an online project but now the CD that the GFS Shop is selling, has the PDF the book on it which has a password to access it, and all the accompanying video files, which are stored in the cloud for you to download to your device, should you wish to do so.


The price is £25 which is obviously more expensive than the existing tuition DVD discs which sell for £5 but, on the other hand, the price is about the average price for just one hour of a professional ukulele teacher’s time. Also another very important point to make is that as Mike’s email address is in the book, and if you email him after your purchase, you will get any updates he makes to the book, sent to you totally free of charge. There are still lots of people who make enquiries about Dave Partington’s book, “How To Play George Formby Solos”, but that is now out of print. Mike Warren’s book is a great replacement and will never stop being issued and updated as it is far easier to maintain a PDF file then a physical book. It is easy to see that for anyone who wishes to improve or even match Mike’s playing abilities, he shows us the way. Mike Warren has been a playing member of The George Formby Society since 1981, that’s thiry eight years, and his playing skills are up there with the best that the Society can offer. Practise obviously makes perfect but the searcher of all the Formby techniques needs to be shown the way – Mike Warren does this so well.
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A new tuition project by Mike Warren