The George Formby Song Book No. 2

38 Songs with Chord Boxes and Words

1. The Hindoo Man   20. Biceps, Muscle And Brawn
2. I'm The Ukulele Man   21. You Can't Go Wrong In These
3. All Going Back   22. I'd Like A Dream Like That
4. I Do Do Things I Do   23. I Blew A Little Blast On My Whistle
5. Why Don't Women Like Me?   24. I'm The Husband Of The Wife Of Mr Wu
6. Blackpool Prom   25. The Daring Young Man
7. I Could Make A Good Living At That   26. Sitting On The Top Of Blackpool Tower
8. On The Other Side Of The World   27. I Wish I Was Back On The Farm
9. My Plus Fours   28. Frank On His Tank
10. Talking To The Moon About You   29. Mother What'll I Do Now
11. Andy The Handy Man   30. Somebody's Wedding Day
12. You've Got To Get Your Photo In The Press   31. Oh Dear Mother
13. Keep Fit   32. The Best Of Schemes
14. There's Nothing Proud About Me   33. Mr Wu Is In The Airforce
15. It's A Grand And Healthy Life   34. I Couldn't Let The Stable Down
16. Bell Bottom George   35. Get Cracking
17. I'm Making Headway Now   36. The Isle Of Man
18. Sentimental Lou   37. Dare Devil Dick
19. The Old Kitchen Kettle   38. Rhythm In The Alphabet