The Vellum

Over the 40 year history of the GFS, members have had the privilege of receiving a quarterly magazine which informs of the current activities of the Society and also educates with articles on George and Beryl Formby and all aspects of his life and times.

The magazine has evolved over the years from a few A4 pages stapled together, to the present edition which is a glossy 32-page professionally produced high quality journal.

Current editor is Tony Thornton who has been in this post for the last five years and he has maintained the high quality that was set in the winter issue of 1994 when the President of the Society, Dennis Taylor took on the editors role at very short notice and overnight transformed the journal from it's previous unattractive photocopied state.

The magazine is delivered by post to all members and goes all over the world. It is included in the subscription that members pay when they join the GFS and represents excellent value.

If you wish to receive this publication, join the Society here.
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