200 performances
The Zoomers record a special milestone
Tuesday the 6th October 2020 was a special night for all the participants of the Virtual Thrash Zoom Group. To be honest, every night is special on Zoom but on this evening we all celebrated an unbroken run of meetings since it all started 200 days ago on 20 March 2020 when the bright idea of Suzanne McIntosh was launched for the very first time. The world at that time was preparing for the worst, with the day-to-day never-ending news that the pandemic was quickly gaining ground and encroaching on everyone's lives, taking away all that we all hold to be precious. On 06 October 2020, we celebrated together, something that has just run and run and will continue to do so whilst ever it is needed. There is a school of thought that says that it should never go away, and should become a permanent part of the George Formby world that we knew in better times than these. It answers so many problems at this time, and when better days arrive it can still answer issues like members in far-flung places of the UK and the rest of the world still meeting to sing and play the songs of George Formby, a stand-alone group of people just enjoying the music, and the company of friends from anywhere Formby music is appreciated. On this special evening we were also joined for a short while by GFS chairman, Steve Langford. Steve delivered a nice message to the Zoomers and thanked them for keeping the name of George Formby in the limelight in this otherwise empty year. Steve also noted that on the day of the 200th meeting, he had also racked up 100 sales in the GFS Shop for which he and his wife Su had taken over earlier in the year from Kathryn and Peter Pollard. Congratulations therefore should go to Steve and Su for taking on such a demanding role. Who could have predicted all that has happened in this year but the two new managers have worked hard to get the shop up and running again and 100 sales in these troubled times is progress indeed! Many of the Virtual Thrash members wished to say a few words on how they feel about the group and what is has done to help us all through this terrible period. I take the greatest pleasure in re-producing their words on this page.
They are a lifeline for our Formby family. I have been going stir crazy like so many others, but it is great to look forward to the TZoom. Plus playing all the songs you wouldn't normally play. Thanks guys
Thankyou Matt Simon Andrew & Peter for nightly zoom sessions. We must be improving! Its a great safe social gathering .You can try chords and songs you wouldnt normally pick or find difficult, un-used or avoided. Thanks Suzanne x
Alle Stummschalten !!!! translates to Mute Everyone!!! JOHN SADLER
Zoom has injected a bit of Aunty Maggie’s Remedy of fun and laughter into every day. Many thanks to Suzanne and all of our brilliant hosts!
I lifeline for me and lots of other’s who live alone, and for the chat afterwards I look forward to seeing all my friends and have made a few a few new ones ,thank you to everyone who has made our nightly Zoom’s possible.
It's just lovely to see everyone - makes things seem a bit more normal. Thanks all!
The medium of Zoom has shown many of our members a way of keeping in touch despite the lockdown. It demonstrates the inspired thinking and initiative of all those who helped to set it up. We owe them our thanks and gratitude for their time and efforts. Despite the awful times we're going through it shows once again the camaraderie within our wonderful Society.
 We are very proud to be Zoomers, and really look forward to our nightly sessions! Seeing our friends, singing, and playing our ukes, and having a chat is wonderful - thanks so much Suzanne and our amazing hosts!
I love the banter and friendliness of it all. Its guaranteed to brighten your day, and as a bonus you get to learn new songs. It was a fantastic idea of Suzanne's, and thanks must also go to our amazing hosts. ANGIE PARKER
 I love to see everyone enjoying themselves. I have missed meeting up 4 times a year at Blackpool but at least you can sign in each night to watch or join in with the fun. Such a brilliant idea of Suzanne McIntosh and for the great job Matthew, Andrew, Peter and Simon do in hosting the sessions. Long may it continue.
The close bond we hold with the GFS alone is something very special it like having another family. We all have our own lives to lead yet however we all take time out to respect our music and each other. The ZOOM meetings has bolstered that and reinforced that friendship and may it continue, well done hosts and all you Zoomets. Xx
I know we've only been on couple of zooms, but it's great seeing everyone, albeit in a different view. Love the mute all button!! Hearing the music of George still carrying on, in these sad times we are in with Coronavirus. Thank you All for entertaining us.
When Lockdown hit, I was recovering from major surgery. Deemed "vulnerable" and told to isolate, I thought I would never sing or play the uke again. Then I found The Zoomers - it has been GREAT for me, and has acted as terrific physio. I can now almost sing again! (You lucky people!! THANK YOU Suzanne,Simon, Andrew, Peter and fellow ZOOMERS!!
I have found the Zoom sessions essential at keeping my interest going, I cannot participate in every session but try to attend as many as I can , it’s great to see friends, new and old.
200 seems like a big number but it's dwarfed by the tally of laughs, moments of camaraderie and general shots in the arm we've all had. What a wonderful thing keeping us buoyant during dark times. And speaking of small numbers (hush-hush circle of trust here) it'll be my birthday on the 7th and I'll be ahem... 21.
Due to the covid enforced loss of the conventions , the nightly zoom is the way we stay together , its a great look forward to, and to celebrate 200 shows with fellow friends,is fantastic
I have only ever been to two Conventions and unlikely to go to any more.Going on Zoom and watching Peters DVDs makes one feel part of a big family.Unfortunately I am unable to play the ukulele but love the music of George Formby.Thank you to Suzanne Matt and Simon for starting Zoom during these terrible times.
Big thank you to all zoom hosts through these difficult times We're all going through I'm always watching the clock For the wonderful zoom meetings I think that George Would be proud of us keeping it all together the G F S society we all miss and Love and of course the Local branch meetings
One of the highlights of our day is the nightly Virtual Thrash. We look forward to playing George’s songs and meeting our Formby friends. It really brightens our day. We are eternally grateful to those who make it possible.
The Zoom sessions are great. Most days I don't speak to anyone so they've been terrific for me. ��... Having said that I've just been on holiday with friends and missed a week's worth but will be back tonight.
The virtual nightly thrash has brought together Formby enthusiasts from all around the world(and even Batley!!) keeping his music well and truly alive until we can all meet again, know where don’t know when but we know we’ll meet again some sunny day(maybe? Knowing Blackpool!) Immense thanks to all involved in hosting and maintaining the sessions❤️
Without the virtual thrash I would never have met you all! Unimaginable
 From attending a minimum of four local meetings a month for years, everything suddenly stopped over six months ago with the pandemic. Zoom then came to the rescue and now I am privileged to be one of the four hosts. For many years, as MC at two Uke Circle meetings a month, it gave me immense pleasure and some lovely funny moments amongst many friends. The nightly Zoom meetings are a godsend. My two hosting sessions per week have given me my stage back with friends new and old to meet and greet every night of the week. The Virtual Thrash is a never-ending treat!