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Official First Day Cover stamps - May 2004
For quite some time in the late 1990s, it was thought that George Formby deserved to have his image on a UK postage stamp and overtures were made to the appropriate postal people from the GFS committee - but all to no avail, the postal people showed not the slightest interest! Then in February 2003, I received emails from a lady called Dot Tilbury who represented the Isle of Man Postal Service. I was the person that Dot contacted because I was responsible (and still am) for editing the GFS website. Dot was interested in having George feature on a set of Isle of Man postal stamps to coincide with the 100th anniversary of George's birth in May 1904 and hoped that the release of the stamp issue would coincide with the 2004 Isle of Man TT races with the film No Limit being the obvious connection. After a few emails with Dot, I felt that it was time to open the conversation with the rest of the GFS committee. From there, Neville Roe and his wife Sylvia who were the Chairman and Secretary of The GFS at that time, were invited to travel to the Isle of Man to take the discussion further. From that visit, the Isle of Man tourist board thought that it would be nice if Neville and Sylvia, together with GFS President Dennis Taylor and his wife Pat, should travel over to the island to attend the 2004 TT week. It was also suggested that perhaps a convention might be held in the Isle of Man. The four did visit the Isle of Man in 2004 at the same time as the TT races and performed on the finishing line to the delight of the TT crowd. GFS member Nick Saunders who lives on the Isle of Man also joined them. The stamps, designed by Ruth Sutherland,  were issued on 26 May 2004, exactly 100 years after George was born. Altogether, a very successful exercise which benefited the GFS nicely. I still think George should be on a United Kingdom stamp but will it ever happen? Never say never but perhaps unlikely now. Peter Pollard 09/2020

The Isle of Man postage stamps - designed by Ruth Sutherland