Privacy Notice

The George Formby Society collects data solely for its own use and for the purposes of your membership.

What we collect:

Name Address Telephone number Email address Date of Birth

Where it is stored:

Paper copies are held with the Membership Secretary for a maximum of three years. A password protected electronic copy is also held by the Membership Secretary and the President.

Who can view it and what can they view?

Your information is collected via your membership application and stored by the Membership Secretary for the purposes of your membership. Other members of the committee are allowed to view your information solely to allow for mailing of Society information. What is shared We do not share your information with any other bodies Consent to store details is included in your membership form.

Your rights

You have the right to have your information removed from our records (but this will prevent you from being a member of the Society) and any history deleted. You must contact the Membership Secretary if this is required. You have the right to view the information stored about you. You have the right to change your details