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Betty Driver, one of the few remaining links with George  Formby, passed away on Saturday 15 October 2011. Betty was 91 years old and was still working behind the bar of the Rover’s Return in Britain’s most famous soap, Coronation Street. Betty of course was known within the Formby world for her appearance/non- appearance in George’s first film, Boots Boots. When the film was first made, Betty’s singing and dancing role was cut, supposedly by Beryl Formby. Betty was driven and promoted from a very early age, because of her singing talent by her mother, who wanted to see Betty’s name in lights. Betty in fact was a really nice singer and was very popular in the UK in the 1930’s and 1940’s as you will hear by clicking on the player below. She sings three songs, I'll Take Romance, We Mustn’t Miss The Last Bus Home and The World Will Sing Again. The video interview gives a good insight in to the world of variety and George and Beryl at the height of their careers. Many people today will be surprised to learn just how popular Betty was in her younger days as she starred in Coronation Street for over 40 years. She will be much missed in the popular TV series.
Famous long before her Street role
Hear Betty sing
I’ll Take Romance
The World Will Sing Again
We Mustn’t Miss The Last Bus Home
Betty Driver in an interview she did for The South Bank Show featuring George Formby in 1991. This is the full unedited interview.