March 2009

Images of the weekend
Dale Norman & Tom Fletcher Jack Topping & John Walley Kathryn Pollard and Tony Thornton - outside the Winter Gardens for the last time Lionel Owen & Kathryn Pollard
6544 Alex Barrett enjoys a laugh with an old friend A view of the stage area Dennis Mitchell does a "fit a vellum" demonstration
Dennis Mitchell does a "fit a vellum" demonstration Alex Barrett and his video camera Bass player and Vellum editor, Tony Thornton Dale Norman on drums
Matt Richards on keyboard John Walley on stage The thrash image Kathryn Pollard and Dale Norman
Kitty and Alex barrett Joe Brown & Terry Talbot Vivien Mawdsley and Jane Partington 6570
Lesley, Dolwyn and Kathryn Dale and Lesley Mr and Mrs Maxwell Tomy Quirk
Dennis Maisey on stage The Band - Dickie Speake, Dale Norman, Dean Spencer and Tony Thornton Dickie Speake Daz Barry
6588 6586 6584 6582
6580 6604 Dennis Dawson and his army pal John Maxwell 6576