March 2011

The date draws ever nearer for what promises to be one of the most memorable of GFS conventions. Can I remind performers that the start time on both days is 13:00 (1:00pm). Would performers please allow themselves at least 30 minutes to be in the room with instrument tuned and ready to ensure a smooth running of the event. For those getting into costume, changing facilities have been provided so please allow plenty of time to be ready.

Be ready, be proffesional and enjoy the day!


Saturday March 5th 2011 - 13:00 to 14:30 Artist Key Mini-Disc
Boots Boots      
Why Don’t Women Like Me? Daz Barry F  
Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink Derrick Pearce F  
I Could Make A Good Living At That Lee Mannering F  
Baby Vivien Mawdsley & Neil Forshaw f  
Off The Dole      
With My Little Ukulele In My Hand Alan Evans D Mini-Disc
If You Don't Want The Good Don't Maul 'Em Peter Douce C  
I Promised To Be Home By Nine O' Clock Peter Pollard C  
I'm Going To Stick To My Mother Tommy Quirk D  
Isn't Love A Very Funny Thing Gabriella La Foley A  
Surely There's No Harm In A Kiss Gabriella La Foley A  
No Limit      
Riding In The TT Races Francesca Davies Fm  
Riding Around On A Rainbow Frances Terry D  
In A Little Wigan Garden Brian Knott C  
Your Way Is My Way Jane Partington/Gerry Mawdsley E  
Keep Your Seats Please      
Keep Your Seats Please Martin Harrison F mini-disc
Goodnight Binkie Martin Harrison   mini-disc
When I'm Cleaning Windows John Walley B  
Feather Your Nest      
When We Feather Our Nest Alan Chenery F  
I'm As Happy As A Sandboy Dennis Mitchell Eb  
Leaning On A Lampost John Taylor D  
Saturday March 5th 2011 - 15:00 - 16:30 Artist key Mini-Disc
Keep Fit      
Biceps, Muscle and Brawn Martin Selman g  
I Don't Like Mervyn Kaye D  
Keep Fit Brian West D  
I See Ice      
In My Little Snapshot Album Dennis Maisey D  
Noughts and Crosses Neville & Sylvia Roe   Mini-Disc
Mother What'll I Do Now Ian Walker C  
its in the air      
our sergeant major martin hosmer g  
they can't fool me mervyn kaye D  
it's in the air matt richards d Mini-Disc
trouble brewing      
i can tell it by my horoscope paul kenny E Mini-Disc
hitting the high spots now Ken Smith & Peter Pollard C  
fanlight fanny gladys geoghegan f  
come on george      
i couldn't let the stable down peter nixon g  
i'm making headway now john croft g  
pardon me dennis taylor c  
goodnight, little fellow goodnight cathy darlington G Mini-Disc
SUNDAY March 6th 2011 - 13:00 - 14:30 aRTIST kEY MINI-DISC
let george do it      
grandad's flannelette nightshirt alan yates c  
mr wu's a window cleaner now Jonathan Richards D  
count your blessings and smile colin bourdiec C  
oh! don't the wind blow cold gareth sumner d  
spare a copper      
i'm the ukulele man paul casper   mini-disc
on the beat alan southworth   mini-disc
i wish i was back on the farm matthew sproston c  
i'm shy george butterworth   mini-disc
turned out nice again      
auntie maggie's remedy Mike Warren G  
you can't go wrong in these des redfern g  
the emperor of lancashire jonathan baddeley   mini-disc
you're everything to me Pam Baddeley   mini-disc
south american george      
the barmaid at the rose and crown roger glew/Peter nixon G  
swing mama lionel owen f mini-disc
i played on my spanish guitar gabriella la foley Gm(Bb)  
i'd do it with a Smile dennis maisey C  
much too shy      
andy the handy man gary hampson G  
they laughed when i started to play steve helme d  
talking to the moon about you neville and sylvia roe   mini-disc
delivering the morning milk Dennis Mitchell D  
sunday 6th march - 15:00 - 16:30      
narrator - gerry mawdsley      
get cracking      
under the blasted oak mark tuson Eb  
home guard blues sean rutter C  
get cracking malcolm palmer G  
bell bottom george      
swim little fish janet pilkington   unaccompanied
it serves you right trevor kelsall c  
if i had a girl like you alan newton g  
bell bottom george ray bernard   mini-disc
he snoops to conquer      
hill billy willie malcolm rigby c  
got to get your photo in the press brian white c  
unconditional surrender fred martindale f  
i didn't do it      
she's got two of everything dickie speake C#m (E)  
i'd like a dream like that tom fletcher F#  
the daring young man dale norman D  
george in civvy street      
the mad march hare Dickie Speake G Edited version mini-disc
we've been a long time gone Mick Turner/Andrew Little F  
it could be jane partington C Possibly Bass only
i was christened with a horseshoe judith townsend d  
you don't need a license for that jonathan richards d