September 2016

Gill Walley's images
Swedish Group3 Jim P and Garry3 Michael Pickles1 Vinny Bryne2
Committee3 Tommy Bland2 Dennis Lea2 Thrash2
Tom Stratford2 Tim Austin Trevor Williams4 Tim Austin Trevor Williams1 Angus Lamont3
Des Arigho3 Steve Langford2 Brian Gibb1 Tommy Quirk2
John Walley2 Gerry Mawdsley Caroline Stewart1 Dale Norman2
Daz Barry3 Brian West2 Neil Forshaw3 Bruce Cox1
Peter Pollard4 Francesca Davies3 Uke auction2 Churchill2
Stewart Lowther3 Paul Kenny3 James Bassett2 Alan Sourthworth2
Catalina Davies4 Roger Glew1 Ray Reynolds1 Matt Richards2
Jonathan Baddiley4 Lewis Clifton4 Alan Yates2 Lesley Fowkes1
Mac McGee3 John Key4 Ryan Willets2 Alan Newton1
Kathy Darlington3 Andy P and Cassie1 Fred Martindale1 Kate Howard4