a message from gerry & vivien

In these difficult times, the kitchen and the computer room have become new battlegrounds in the ongoing struggle to

overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

GFS President Gerry Mawdsley and his wife Vivien who is also secretary of the society, have come up with a

re-arrangement of the song, "Riding Around On A Rainbow," originally performed in the film "No Limit" by Florence

Desmond supported by George Formby.

The song will be hardly known to non-Formby fans and is rarely performed at conventions owing to the fact that

George does not contribute that much to it.

Gerry and Vivien have updated the lyrics in keeping with these troubled times and dedicated the song to the wonderful

NHS people and all key workers who in normal times, are the very best and throughout this crisis have surpassed all ex-

pectations in their fight against this terrible virus.