Zoomers on bbc radio 2
Paul's Socially Distanced Pre-Christmas Party
On Sunday, 20 December 2020 the George Formby Society and in particular the Zoom Virtual Thrash team were given a priceless publicity boost on BBC Radio 2’s “Paul O’Grady’s Socially Distanced Pre-Christmas Party”. This was all thanks to Ace Zoomer Jim Makin, who took the trouble to write to Paul recently, telling him about our nightly Zoom meetings since lockdown in March. A mention on the UK’s most popular radio station at a prime- time listening hour is a treat indeed and congratulations not just from the Zoomers but also GFS members everywhere should go to Jim. Items like this are so very valuable to the GFS. Hearing our name and that of George Formby is all that we can do to keep the great man and our Society in the public eye. With such a bleak year in 2020, we have so much ground to make up in 2021 to keep George Formby in the spotlight. It will be the Society’s 60th anniversary year and to get the GFS talked about all over the UK’s media outlets, is what it is all about. Jim Makin has shown the way!
Paul O’Grady and Ace Zoomer Jim Makin

Listen to the clip from Paul's Socially

Distanced Pre-Christmas Party.

PP - 20/12/2020