GFS Shop News
Under new management from July 2020
After nine years of shop management, Kathryn and Peter will step down at the end of June 2020. There was a time when we thought that the shop might close and of course, that was our one regret in deciding to retire. We are very happy to announce that GFS chairman Steve Langford and his wife Su have committed themselves to carry on the shop management.


The shop will close on-line from Wednesday 10 June 2020  but will be open at the June convention on the 13th and 14th of that month. After the June 2020 convention, the shop will remain closed for a short period to allow Steve and Su to acquaint and organise themselves before re-opening both at the conventions and online. Steve and Su are regular attenders at the Blackpool conventions and are looking forward to taking up the reins. Su will be working with the shop ladies in March and June to find out all that goes on over a convention weekend. More news as we approach the June Meeting. Peter Pollard 05 March 2020
Steve and Su will take over after the end of June 2020