The busiest, most popular GFS members in the London area and two of the most popular Blackpool convention favourites, Ray Reynolds and Johnny Key turned up last night (19 August 2019) on BBC 1’s The One Show. Last night's edition featured three lost scripts from the never-to- be-forgotten Dad's Army series. It seems that on the early days of video, the BBC would create a show in videotape, then, after transmission and owing at that time to the high expense of videotape, they would re-use the tapes for other productions and in the process, the original show would, of course, have been deleted. Thankfully for all Dad's Army fans, the scripts from the three deleted shows are still available and a team of actors has been recruited to re-create the three lost shows.


You might wonder just why our Ray and Johnny were in the studios and resplendently dressed in their army uniforms? Were they to be recruited for the show? Why not I say, considering the fact that there was always added troops to compliment the Dad's Army characters in most of the original shows. So why not Ray and Johnny? It seems that the assembled company in the studio were all Dad's Army enthusiasts - but who isn't? Perhaps the producer of the show missed a trick when he left Ray and Johnny standing amongst the other Dad’s Army fans. Did he not realise that here we had two great entertainers and singers of Formby songs? What a missed opportunity! The producer could have brought to light the original "Dad's Army" film which was of course "Get Cracking", perhaps writers of Dad’s Army, Jimmy Perry and David Croft may have watched and found some inspiration from viewing the film?


Wouldn’t it have made a great closing scene to watch Ray and Johnny performing the film’s main song, Get Cracking, from the 1943 wartime film, amongst all the other Dad's Army recruits? We can only dream… at least all Formby fans who make the journey to Blackpool will perhaps enjoy the same song in September when our two favourites will be on stage once again. For all fans of the vintage BBC show, you can view a YouTube clip of The One Show feature here, and below are transmission times for the three lost episodes..
dad’s army on the one show
Ray and Johnny appear!
WHEN CAN YOU VIEW… Episode 1 THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE WALKER will be shown on UK Gold on Sunday 25 August 2019 at 8:00pm  Episode 2 A STRIPE FOR FRAZER will be shown on UK Gold on Monday 26 August 2019 at 8:00pm Episode 3 UNDER FIRE will be shown on UK Gold on Tuesday 27 August 2019 at 8:00pm AVAILABLE ON… Sky 110/810, Virgin 124, BT & TalkTalk 310 +1: Sky 210, Virgin 190, TalkTalk 314 On demand on Sky, Virgin, BT, Now TV and TalkTalk