The Thrash
A vital part of any Formby evening
No matter if you are the best player in the room or perhaps just e mbarking on your first meeting with your new banjo-uke, you need to be involved in a Formby thrash! It is without a doubt, the strongest memory that a newcomer will take home after an evening of Formby music at a convention, a branch meeting or just a small group of perhaps five or six players. The fact that George Formby recorded so many songs (over 200) means that we can have an evening's entertainment without repeating a single number but of course, that will hardly ever happen as there are so many popular numbers that we will all want to do. In the thrash, we will all play a verse, a chorus and then the solo of numerous Formby numbers both at the beginning of a session, sometimes half-way through, but always at the end of the meeting. This will always send our audience (and ourselves) home with the happiest of memories of a great evening spent with good friends and all entertaining each other in the best possible way. I doubt that any other ukulele groups could compete with the Formby thrash. It does not matter if you are a complete novice and don't even own any of the five GF Songbooks, just try to follow someone's fingers as they create the chord shapes on the fret-board and you are part of the group. You will gain so much just by taking part in this section of the evening's entertainment. Since lock-down, many members of The George Formby Society have been meeting using the Zoom application to play thrash songs and doing this right from the beginning of lock-down in March 2020. This group is the George Formby Virtual Thrash Facebook group. Owing to latency issues, we all have to be muted so you will only hear the backing track and no one else's interpretation as to what their contribution to the thrash will sound like. No matter, the fact that we all can see each other as we all play along is enough in these hard covid times to make a difference to your day. You need to be a member of the group before you can take part. Many who have come on the Zoom Virtual Thrash meetings might not have been members of the Society when they joined the Zoom group, , now they cannot wait for a convention in Blackpool to get on the stage with everyone else and just play the songs of Formby. No matter what your ability, young or old, everyone is welcome to take part in The Thrash It cannot come soon enough! PP 10/02/2021