virtual thrash in the news
Simon Rose in The Telegraph
The George Formby Virtual Thrash team are in this news again today, 14 January 2021 when this evening they will hold their 300th consecutive Virtual Thrash. Regular host Simon Rose wrote in to The Telegraph newspaper to inform the readers of what is happing this evening and Simon’s letter is reproduced opposite. The 300th consecutive performance is a remarkable achievement when you think of what is not happening in the UK at this time because of Lock-down. George Formby Society members and friends meet every evening and have done so since 21 March 2020 to celebrate the music of the one and only George Formby. The songs they sing are reduced to what is known as The Thrash which happens when a large group of players take to the stage at the George Formby Society national conventions in Blackpool and will play a verse, a chorus and a banjo-uke solo of each of the many Formby numbers. Owing to COVID-19, we have held no national meetings since November 2019 so the only thing to do was to take to the Zoom application which allows up to 100 people to take part in a communal virtual thrash. Numbers have increased since the Virtual Thrash group started to meet and now friends come in from various places around the world including the USA, Germany, Canada, Cyprus plus of course the UK. You do not have to play the instrument to join in, just download the Zoom app, join the George Formby Virtual Thrash Facebook page and come and enjoy the music of George Formby. Once you are accepted by Suzanne McIntosh, the creator of the Zoom Virtual Thrash group and administrator of the Facebook page, you are welcome to be with us, every evening. And, it is all free of charge! PP 14/01/2021

The 300th night was a roaring success with 79

screens and over 80 participants. A record

attendance for all the 300 meetings. The images

to the right are of the evening.


To join the thrash sessions, you must be logged into Facebook and be a member of the George Formby Virtual Thrash group