Brian Knott
He loved life and laughter…
It is with great sadness that I have to inform all GFS members that our dear friend, Brian Knott, passed away on Saturday 16 January 2021. Brian joined the Society in the year 2000, encouraged to do so by his best friend Dale Norman.


Dale and Brian had known each other for many years before their time in the Society and they were both well-respected diving instructors who had dived at many locations within the UK and other parts of the world for some years. When Dale joined the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle and then the GFS, he encouraged Brian to join him as their time in the diving world was coming to an end. From the start Brian was a constant supporter of the Uke Circle and once he joined the GFS he loved to attend the Blackpool conventions at the Winter Gardens.

Brian and Dale raised untold thousands

To know Brian was a real privilege. Whilst his love of music led him to play all sorts of instruments, I think Brian will be more remembered for his work over many years for the Forget Me Not Trust Children's Hospice. Brian and Dale worked tirelessly and raised untold thousands of pounds for the trust.


In 2007, six members of the GFS (all Uke Circle members as well) embarked on an eight-day trip on the Caledonia Canal in Scotland. Brian on these trips was the life and soul of the whole week’s adventure. His contribution to the success of what would eventually be seven excursions on the 'Caly' was enormous. His culinary skills in the galley meant that without a doubt, our crew would never go hungry and would always enjoy the finest breakfast's, brunches, dinners and suppers. He loved life and laughter and was always up for some fun. He had a permanent twinkle in his eye and would entertain us with his stories which were always so funny and would remain so even after repeat telling. Brian loved his trips to Scotland and I cannot imagine the trip ever being the same again without him.


Whilst Brian was heavily involved in the Uke Circle, the GFS and his charity work, he was also a devoted and loving husband to Valery and proud father to Edward and Gillian and a doting Grandad to Nina. On behalf of the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle, the George Formby Society and especially all the lads who made up those seven memorable Caledonia Canal adventures, I extend sincere and heartfelt condolences. Peter Pollard 19/01/2021

A page in Brian’s memory has now been

created where you may make a

contribution to Brian’s charity. Please

follow the link within Brian’s image


1941 - 2021

Appropriately enough, Brian sings “Down Forget-Me-Not Lane.”

Yorkshire Ukulele Circle

These are the images which were played at Brian’s service, with

Flanagan & Allan singing “Free”, a song Brian loved and performed on

many occasions with his best friend, Dale.

Brian’s wife, Valery was kind enough to write recently to thank all Brian’s friends in The George Formby Society and the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle for their support and their kindness in supporting Brian’s favourite charity, The Forget-Me-Not Children’s Hospice. At the time of writing has now reached almost £1450. Valery’s letter is reproduced opposite