Remembering those who left their mark
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An honorary member and a gifted player of Formby songs, Alan rarely missed a convention but we will all miss him so much. He supported the Westhoughton and Sale branches and the Society played such an important role in his life. One of the best!
Alan was always a giver and never a taker, he gave the GFS everything that he could in the all too brief time that he was with us and he gave his family the best that any dad and granddad could give.
Albert and Dorothy were always to be found at the George Formby Society conventions, in their regular place on the front row and in over twenty years, they rarely missed a Blackpool event.
Alan Randall, honorary member of the GFS and international recording artist has been a good friend of the George Formby Society for many years and has probably done more than anybody to promote the name of George Formby since George’s death in 1961.
Former President Bernard Young was quite friendly with the Formby family and often called on George’s mother who, almost blind, lived in a ramshackle terrace house in Warrington with her daughter Louise.
Charles and Eve resided in Blackpool and Eve freely admitted in an article in The Vellum that it was Charles who secured the Winter Gardens as a venue for the GFS.
Jack was always the 'popular' choice at any of the Blackpool conventions and was always allowed to sing as many songs as he liked, the members never tired of listening to him.
John was a member of the GFS for many years and was one of the few people who actually had contact with George Formby
Ray was in the GFS right from the first day and reading through those early issues of the GFS magazine, "The Vellum" will illustrate to anyone just how important a member Ray was in those early pioneering days
Stan Evans was an iconic figure in the Society in the late 80s and 1990s and did much to convert The Vellum magazine into a very readable presentation.
He attended many of the Blackpool conventions, always accompanied by his lovely wife Win and was always ready to make himself available for the countless Formby fans who really wanted just to get a little closer to George.
I have learned that Win Booth, wife of the late Ted Booth (seen together above), has passed away. Win would have celebrated her 90th birthday later in the year.
"Tetley" Dave was a legendary figure in West Yorkshire and particularly in the Castleford area where he and his wife Margaret ran the Shoulder of Mutton pub and where for many years the Castleford branch of The GFS has flourished.
Cyril was a leading light at the Sale branch for many years and regularly attended the Blackpool conventions. Wife Sheila passed away shortly after Cyril, and a double funeral was held.
One of the reasons why the GFS began to prosper is surely down to a very special person - our past President of fourteen years and a GFS member for almost thirty years, Dennis Taylor.
He created lovely copies of Abbott, Gibson and Ludwig instruments that in actual fact were probably made better than the originals! Above are Gordon (left) and George Formby’s nephew Jeffrey Booth.
Ella was in her eighty eighth year having being born on July 2nd 1910. She appeared on the stage as did most of the other Formby brothers and sister.
Albert was a multi- instrumentalist who played in many traditional jazz bands. He loved to visit the Blackpool conventions and to play on stage. One of nature’s gentlemen.
Cyril and Sheila Palmer
Albert Bostock
Gordon Markendale
Dennis Taylor
Dave Parker
Ella Booth (Formby)
Win Booth (Formby)
Ted Booth (Formby)
Stan Evans
Ray Bernard
John Beck
Jack Jones
Charles Stewart
Bernard Young
Alan Southworth
Alan Kershaw
Albert Seaborn
Alan Randall
Tom was a real celebrity, he has been featured on TV and throughout the media because of the ukulele he made in a prisoner-of-war camp. He enjoyed his visits to the GFS at Blackpool and will be much missed.
Tom Boardman
Bill was a all round entertainer and enjoyed singing Max Miller typse songs. He always took to the stge in his battered straw boater which of course was his trademark.
Bill Denver
Alf was one of the very few (probably the last) members of both the GFS and the pre- war George Formby Fan Club.
Alf Harper
George had been a supporter of The GFS and the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle for many years. He had a lovely singing voice and his skill with his camera help the Uke Circle to build a nice photo archive.
George Butterworth
Sir Ken was a member of our Society for 22 years and recognised many years ago, the talent and potential of one of our members, Andy Eastwood
Sir Ken Dodd
Brian supported the GFS and the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle. A lovely man with a nice sense of humour, a lover of Formby and and nice twinkle in his eye.
Brian Webb
Fred was a member at the Crewe branch and was well known for his skills in making ukulele banjos.
Fred Stevenson
George’s co-star in Zip Goes A Million and a dancer and actress on Broadway and in films and TV.
Barbara Perry
The Society’s oldest member passes away. Margaret was the wife of the late Cliff Royle and achieved the grand age of 104.
Margaret Royle
Graham rang the East Midlands branch for some years. A sportsman who could also make a nice ukulele-banjo.
Graham Greenfield
An outstanding TV producer and a great friend to the GFS. The creator of the finest two documentaries of Formby as well as many other features.
Daniel Wiles
A larger-than-life character who graced the stage of the GFS in the 1990s and was a member of the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle. He was known to many within the GFS.
Charlie Hever
Lesley was a friend to so many and loved by all. This lady was so talented, a wonderful writer and such a creative person. She loved her ukuleles and would write songs. Such a talent!
Lesley Fowkes
A tireless worker for charity and a member of the GFS for 21 years. Also a loyal member of the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle. A friend to all, he will be sadly missed.
Brian Knott
A great friend to Peter Pollard and a loyal GFS member for thirty years.
Ted Bradley