At the September 2019 AGM, Caroline Stewart, the first lady chair of the George Formby Society stepped down from that role and also retired from the committee. Caroline has been very active ever since she joined the committee in 2013 and then took the role of Chair at the 2014 AGM. Since she joined the GFS there is hardly one Vellum magazine that does not contain details of Caroline's work, exploits and adventures. From day one of her committee life, she has been active and supportive in so many ways both within the committee meetings and also at the Blackpool conventions. Of course, it does not stop there and Caroline has organised some highly successful Formby gatherings in her home town of Grosmont and neighbouring Goathland. One constant reminder of Caroline's activities can be seen at every Blackpool convention with the glorious banner that adorns the stage for every member's performance and then at film time the banner is reversed and provides a brilliant screen to show the film exploits of George Formby. Caroline has done talks to many groups, ukulele and others and has featured in numerous radio interviews to promote the name of George Formby and our Society. In all the time that I have known her, she has been involved in various campaigns to raise monies and awareness for various charities and good causes. In the last two years she has devoted herself to raising monies for close friend Lesley Fowkes's chosen charity looking for a cure for the dreaded Motor Neurone Disease which sadly, Lesley suffers from. In that time Caroline has walked over one million steps, held concerts, dived off the Middlesborough Transporter bridge and in short, has worked tirelessly to help this needy cause and has helped Lesley to raise thousands of pounds. So now Caroline is stepping down but I do not believe for one minute that we have heard the last of her. I know that she will continue to work and support her dear friend Lesley and I have a very strong feeling that Caroline Stewart and the committee of the GFS will one day again be reunited! For now, though, Caroline will take a well-earned rest from committee duties. On behalf of all the members, I say a big thank you to Caroline for all she has achieved for the benefit of all in our society.
Caroline steps down
Caroline Stewart takes a day off!