dennis taylor   1940-2011
A stalwart who built our sound financial foundation
Let’s make no mistake about it, over the last 20 years the GFS has prospered beyond all expectations, culminating in the magnificent spectacle that was the March 2011 Convention when we marked the 50th anniversary of the death of George Formby. One of the reasons why that prosperity has occurred is surely down to a very special person. I refer to our past President of fourteen years and a GFS member for almost thirty years, Dennis Taylor. Dennis played a major role in the March 2011 Convention both as a narrator and as a performer. Even on Sunday evening when usually many people have left for home, this weekend was a little different and the room was quite full to witness Dennis’s last performances, the first with his wife Pat when they sang Ordinary People and then (ironically) singing a Beatles song, he received a standing ovation for his interpretation of “I Saw Her Standing There.” Now Dennis is no longer with us and without a doubt a very bright light is extinguished within our Society, a light that can never be replaced. In Dennis's 30 year membership, he has worked tirelessly for the GFS and even in the last few years whilst still in the President role, he took on probably the most demanding job of all when he, with his wife Pat, re-organised the GFS shop and ensured that the Society would be in a position to make some money each year rather than continually losing it. Dennis was still in that role right up to the date of his passing. I first met Dennis some twenty years ago when as a fledging member of the GFS and the Yorkshire Ukulele Circle I could admire his performance and style of play. Dennis always struck me as an excellent player and he actively encouraged anyone who was interested in the ukulele and always unselfishly tried to share his talents with you. Over the years I picked up quite a lot from Dennis, not just some slight playing ability, but a love of the GFS. Dennis always thought that the GFS was a very special organization and he would do anything and everything to ensure its wellbeing. Over Dennis’s fourteen-year presidential term, I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside him in various committee roles and we had many memorable moments when sometimes after much planning, the job was successfully completed. One of Dennis’s biggest jobs was to transform the Vellum magazine at very short notice into the colourful professional journal that we are all so used to reading today. This wasn’t always the case and in September 1994 when the editor role became vacant, Dennis (with no publishing experience) changed the magazine dramatically. No matter what role Dennis took on either in his working life or in his leisure interests, he always gave 110%. Dennis was not just a GFS man, he had many other interests and whatever those interests were, Pat was always supportive and constantly by his side. For all his many hobbies and interests, Dennis was first and foremost a family man who was extremely proud of his four children and six grandchildren. On a very personal note, both Kathryn and myself have lost not only a fellow member of the GFS, but a very close personal friend whose memory will forever be with us. Our sincerest condolences go to Pat, Andrew, Chris, Joanne, Dawn and all the grandchildren. Peter Pollard 28 March 2011

Remembering the one and only Dennis

Taylor who passed away 10 years ago

today, 16 March 2011.

A tireless worker for the GFS and President for 14 years whilst also running the Society Shop. A friend to all who knew him and much-missed by everyone. We remember Dennis today with some new images. Always in our thoughts.
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Dennis appears at the 2010 March Convention singing It’s In the Air and On The Other Side Of The World