What a period of activity in a time when the Blackpool convention and all the branch meetings disappeared, we have the Zoomer’s thrashing every night and starting on 21 March, Steve Langford promoted The E-Convention  on Facebook with these words, "After the disappointment of no convention how about sending videos of the songs you would have played to this E-Convention! Hope you all stay healthy and I look forward to seeing you all soon." Well, thanks to Steve, many have sent numerous clips and all have been greeted with encouragement and enthusiasm. You may not hear applause when you finish your song, but the plaudits soon follow by way of comments from fellow members.


Facebook is a mixed bag and contains false news all over the place, but at least it does allow communities to keep in touch and for this event to take place. I wonder though just why it seems to have disappeared? If you search for The E-Convention it does not appear to be present. No matter, if you know the link, it is still there and can still be posted to.


The E-Convention features many familiar faces and many songs vfrom Blackpool include Johnny Key, Matt Richards, Steve Langford, Stuart Lowther, Caroline Stewart, Mike Warren, Lewis Clifton and many others. It has been a wonderful exercise for which Steve Langford deserves the highest praise. The GFS chairman has excelled himself in many ways since joining the committee and is of course, along with his wife Su, the manager of the GFS Shop from July 2020. So fellow members, why not get the camera/smartphone/tablet or perhaps laptop fired up and get posting in the convention that goes on and on! Peter Pollard 31/03/2020
The e-convention
Steve Langford keeps members playing!