Llandudno 2018
GFS plays to large crowds
Once again the Westhoughton branch of the GFS together with friends from other parts of the country helped to make the Llandudno weekend another unforgettable experience. For three days the Society lads and lasses commanded large crowds and proved that the songs of George Formby are far from forgotten. The GFS held a large, enthusiastic audience captivated by the range of Formby songs over nine forty five minute spots throughout Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Numerous people were familiar with the most popular numbers, which were greeted with warm enthusiasm. Many in the crowds identified us with the Royal Albert Hall triumph of two weeks ago. Dennis and Debbie Lee together with Gary Hampson and Alan Gaskell made sure that the organisation and the sound equipment were all they should be throughout the weekend. They were assisted by the Westhoughton members who had to erect and dismantle the equipment at the start and end of each day and get it back to their hotel for safe keeping. Of all the attractions at the Llandudno Victorian Weekend, the GFS surely gave the best value. Six hours of free entertainment over the three days gave the audience a great show. Collection buckets for donations to the Llandudno organising committee. This was not obligatory although many contributed generously and unstintingly. Most of the gentlemen players took the trouble to dress in smart waistcoats and bow ties with a variety of headgear and some of the ladies actually dressed in Victorian outfits to suit the event. The weather was great throughout the weekend with Monday proving to be the hottest day. This year the group was moved from the edge of town to the centre of Mostyn Street. Some players were on a raised platform with the majority on the pavement in front of them. Three rows of deck chairs were available to seat some members of the audience but the vast majority were stood. All cheered and clapped and sang along to make it all another memorable weekend. Images by Jeanette Austin & Peter Pollard