june convention
We rename a tram and witness a wedding!
Like any other Blackpool convention, there have been many happy and memorable moments for us all to savour. 2020 is the year when so far, no conventions in Blackpool have happened and with September cancelled, everything is riding on November. Personally speaking, I cannot see it happening. So, let us go back to previous June meetings and try to remember what was happening for you. Everyone will have special moments, these are a few of mine. Who doesn't like a wedding? A Society wedding is even more exciting and we had one in 2017 when Cathy Darlington and Kevin Staniland tied the knot in the Imperial Hotel on the same weekend as the June 2017 meeting. This, of course, gave all those associated with the happy couple, a wonderful start to the weekend and over three years on with Cathy now living in Yorkshire, there are still very much "the happy couple". Also in June 2017 another very special concert took place when selected players performed in front of Alan Southworth's family. Alan had passed away in April 2017 and this was the members and the Society's chance to pay tribute to an honorary member and may I say, one that really did deserve that title. Alan's daughter, Jill Richardson said some wonderful words about her dad and mum and it was definitely a very special speech about a very special member. In 2008 excitement was gained outside the concert room when many people came to view the beached "Riverdance" container ship that had foundered in January and by June not that much was left of it but it was still a sight of interest. June 2009 was a special memory for me because I wasn't there! Since 1991 I have rarely missed a Blackpool convention but June 2009 saw me in a hospital so my good friend Gill Walley wrote the notes for that conventions' report. 2012 was special! We renamed a Blackpool tram! Previously known as just plain tram 604, it now became known as "George Formby O.B.E." Famed TV producer and good friend of the GFS, Daniel Wiles came along to pull the chord, in horrendously wet weather but brave members still went for a ride on the open-air tram with ukuleles in hand! Some great memories here and I could go on. So just take a look through the selected images and let us hope that we can continue the George Formby convention story before too long. PP - August 2020  
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