november 2020
Lockdown continues


The November meeting should take place this weekend (21/22 November 2020) but of course, we are still all fighting the COVID pandemic and if anything, things have deteriorated since September. This is the first year in the Society’s fifty-nine years history when every convention has been cancelled. Normally the November meeting always has a nice Christmas spirit in the air as friends exchange cards and there are always lots of warm sentimental farewells on Sunday evening as we all say goodbye for another year. The weather in November in Blackpool or indeed anywhere in the UK is not usually that good but the weather has never really been a problem within a GFS convention!


November 2018 featured “The GFS At War” a production by John Walley which made it a very memorable Saturday evening when everyone dressed in 1940s outfits (including many audience members) and we all enjoyed the best of times. We even had Winston Churchill (Martin Fowkes) with us to help make it one of those special Formby weekends.


2016 brought us a Zip Goes A Million mini-show and again John Walley brought all his theatrical knowledge with him to ensure that Saturday evening was another Saturday Special!


Gerry Mawdsley also had reasons to be cheerful when in November 2016 he was awarded the Society's highest award, honorary membership for services to the GFS. In November 2013 Kathryn Pollard was also awarded honorary membership for many years of active committee work and for raising over £20,000 for the GFS from three years of shop management. For anyone who cares to look, there are many convention pages to read and many memories and faces within the images, to remind us all just how good the Blackpool weekends are.


Let us hope that 2021 will bring an end to this nightmare that we are all struggling with. We have to support the GFS in these troubled times and we all have to get back to Blackpool as soon as is safe. Surely this will be sometime in 2021, and then the party will really begin!