I am developing a project to collect all 120 issues of the Stan Evans North-West George Formby Newsletter with the hope of creating all 120 issues in digital format on a DVD disc, much like The Vellum Gold Collection. Stan issued the Newsletter on a monthly basis for ten years between July 1995 and June 2005.
Appealing for the complete collection


Dennis Lee

Peter Swetnam

Martin Thomas

Neil Forshaw

Joe Sadler

Alan Newton

Pat Ralston

Mike Rotherham

Paul, Elaine and Tony


Geoff Shone

Arthur Newton

John Bullivant

Alan Newton

Mike Barrett

Malcolm Rigby

In just a few short weeks and thanks to all the people listed below, we

have reached our target of 120 North West George Formby Newsletters


Stan Evans would have been delighted by this response. I now will get

the rest of the magazines scanned and then returned to their owners,

together with the digital DVD containing the complete collection.


The names here are of the good people who

have taken the trouble to contact me and loan me

magazines. My sincere thanks you all.